Only Human by Definition is a collection of 18 poems by Jay Passer.  This 20-page chapbook, saddle stitched and lovingly hand-assembled using high quality mauve and gray cardstock with white pages, was published on 6 February 2012 by Crisis Chronicles Press.

cover foto: A Face in the Crowd by 
Steven B. Smith, manipulated by John Burroughs

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Jay Passer has been writing poems and fiction for the littles for twenty four years. This is his seventh chapbook of work about cohabitation with bums, whores and addicts in cities up and down the west coast. Startling, perverse, and absolutely original, Jay’s work will entertain a wide array of readers and deep thinkers. Jay currently resides in a spartan shithole in Sacramento.”  –Brian Pinsker

“I love my friend [Brian] but I think this is a bit overstated, a bit raw, a bit inaccurate, and a whole lot inappropriate. Perhaps he was too far on the box wine.”  –Jay Passer

“Passer’s poetry is the wine.  I’m passing it around at my next last supper.” —Jesus Crisis

A cook by trade, poet by nature and vagabond at heart, Jay Passer doesn’t own a car but enjoys driving fast.  Born in San Francisco in 1965, he loves cats but is allergic to them. His first 3 chapbooks were published by the now defunct OuterDark Press in Seattle, his 4th by Piss Pour Press. His 5th and 6th are e-chaps, available at Poetry Superhighway and Ten Pages Press.

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