I’m working on several projects at once, bouncing back and forth, as always. First of all, I’m putting together my new chapbook manuscript, Community Chest.  A press is interested in it, but I can’t say which until they’ve had an opportnity to review and approve it.  Anyone acquainted with my last two chapbooks, Water Works and Electric Company, may see a theme developing.

Crisis Chronicles Press is very busy this month.  We already published California poet Jay Passer’s Only Human by Definition on February 6th and are planning to release two more chapbooks very soon: Primer for the Vanguard Youth by RA Washington on Monday the 20th and desire lines by Chansonette Buck to celebrate leap year on the 29th.  Buy now and I’ll mail them as soon as they’re together.


Both feature fabulous cover fotos by Cleveland art/lit legend Steven B. Smith.  This makes 8 Crisis Chronicles Press publications wearing Smith images.

And I’m still wading my way through the submissions I received in September during our 24-hour chapbook challenge.  So many were so good, I’ve selected several winners so far (the aformentioned desire lines being one), despite having more to read.  I’ll try to finish up and make a decision on the remaining manuscripts by the end of February.  The problem is I can’t just read a bunch of manuscripts in fast succession and feel I’ve done them all justice.  I’ve discovered I need to live with each one individually for a while — some for a longer while than others — before I decide to reject or publish.  Thank you for your immense patience!

More soon….