September 6th 2011 on Facebook, I announced that Crisis Chronicles Press would accept chapbook submissions for the next 24 hours.  I had no idea that I would receive as many submissions (and as many good submissions) as I did, or that I would still be reading and responding to them in March 2012.  Early on, I realized I would want to publish more than one, because a few were just too good to pass on.  Also, rather than making each submitting writer wait until I’d read all the manuscripts to learn my decision on his or hers, I took the somewhat unorthodox approach of making a decision on each individual submission as I had a chance to read it and live with it for a few days.  Thus one writer might have heard back from me in October while another is still awaiting a decision.  I don’t think this is a reflection of bias of my part — it’s more a reflection of the random “order” (or lack thereof) in which I opened the emails. (I’d like to think I have a “system,” but the system I think I have is in constant flux).  Anyway, although I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to give each submission the reading it deserves, I don’t regret taking my time and doing it in a manner that feels right and (for the most part) most enjoyable to me.  I now have eight manuscripts left to respond to, and I intend to accomplish this in the next two days, just in time for the six month anniversary of our original call.  If you’ve not received an email from me saying yea or nay, you’re one of these eight and will be hearing from me soon.  Stay tuned to the Tao of Jesus Crisis (and/or Facebook) early this week for an announcement regarding all the chapbooks Crisis Chronicles Press will be publishing in 2012 and 2013.  I’m excited!

Also most grateful for your patience, interest and support,
John Burroughs

P.S. Be aware, we’ll have a similar 24-hour chapbook call in September 2013, and this time I’ll be better prepared.