I clipped this out of today’s Elyria Chronicle-Telegram:

Now the ridiculous rule that I can’t live
at my mom’s house because it’s 998 feet from a school but I CAN live
right next door because it’s over 1000 feet away no longer applies to
me.  Of course the rule didn’t protect anyone any more than he or she
was protected before it was retroactively imposed on people like me
many years after we were convicted.  Its primary effect is punitive (and
political).  Ex post facto punishment is unconstitutional in the United States of America.  If I was
convicted of DUI in 1993, paid my fine, served my time, and then the
state decided to increase the DUI penalty in 2005 to more than I’d
served/paid 12 years earlier, should the state have the right to haul me
back into court all these years later and impose an additional penalty
on me? Of course not.  What’s different about a sex offense?  The
retroactively applied 1000 feet law is an arbitrary and failed sham.  Of
course many convicted much later to me are still subject to it. But
it’s no less an arbitrary sham in most of their cases.