Crisis Chronicles Press has three great new publications out this month: brilliant chapbooks by two of the best young-ish (at least compared to my old and decrepit ass) writers I know — Frankie Metro and John Swain — plus a provocative broadside by Cleveland poetry legend d.a. levy, who’s been dead over 40 years and still can’t be shut up.  I’m very proud of each of these publications, and I hope none of my comments heretofore or later will diminish the excellent opinion I’m sure you’ll have of them once you’re able to peruse, fondle, smoke and/or otherwise use them to gratify (or, if you’re kinky, even immolate) yourself in person.

(CC#27 — cover by JC with a nod to Van Morrison’s Moondance)

(CC#25 — cover uses a Steven Smith foto of Mother Dwarf Smith’s Gotcha)

(CC#26 — cover foto by Steven Smith)

I suck as a salesman. Most of the time, I don’t wanna sell shit. In fact, I give away far more than I could ever sell. But I love publishing fantastic writing by good people and I can only afford to keep doing it if I sell at least something (or receive a very kind press donation from time to time). Anyway, the shit I refer to is not some literal shit in the fecal sense. I’m talking about DA SHIT, some really good shit, and for anyone who doesn’t know, this is a high compliment. I’ll even go so far as to quote Kittie (though I think Dr. Dre said it first) and call our latest Crisis Chronicles Press titles da shit you just can’t fuc wit.  Let me lay it down for you:

The five works we’ve published most recently are:

CC#23 — This Is How She Fails, a cycle of prose poems by Lisa J. Cihlar

CC#24 — The Vigil, a long poem in chapbook form by Shelley Chernin

CC#25 — The Anarchist’s Blac Book of Poetry, an illustrated chapbook by Frankie Metro

CC#26 — White Vases, a collection of poetry by John Swain

CC#27 — The Wandering White, a broadside featuring a poem by d.a. levy.

Now I realize I’m biased. But honestly, even if I wasn’t the publisher, I’d have to admit these are some fine ass examples of the best literature available today.  If you bought all of these publications individually, with postage, it would cost $26.50. But if you take advantage of our package deal and click the “Buy Now” button below, DA SHIT — or at least these five fine loads of it — can be yours for a mere $21.  Not only will you receive works of art and heart featuring some fantastic writing by damn fine people, you’ll also help an independent half mom-and-pop publisher keep doing what we love to do as often as we can for as long as we can.

If you’ve read all this, I love you. Maybe I do even if you haven’t.