Bad storms last night left fallen trees and limbs all over and knocked out the electricity at my sister-in-law’s house.  It remains out tonight.  At least the hospital we’re at has generators which prevented it from losing power. But my sister-in-law, Sheree, remains unconscious and on life support due to a number of heart, lung, kidney and other issues.  It’s been an up and down ride this week — even this month — and now we’re on one of the biggest downswings.  Though we’ve been clinging to every shred of hope, I am afraid we are running out of shreds. So I am not reading at Cascade Park in Elyria or at Poetry in the Park in Erie as planned — I missed Tuesday’s event in Ely Square, too — but am instead trying to be as helpful to and supportive of my wife and family as possible.  We are most grateful for your support, patience, good thoughts and so on. 

Peace, love and poetry,