Last night across the street from Crisis Chronicles Press – photo by JC

It’s been a busy week.  I got all our Crisis Chronicles Press titles listed for sale at I’ve been going through my thousands of books at home, preparing for our upcoming move to Cleveland, trying to decide what to keep, store or try to sell. I also got John Dorsey’s new CC Press chapbook, Street maps for lost souls, finished — all printed and some assembled yesterday — though I still have 60 more copies to collate, staple and fold before I leave at 2 this afternoon to head west, pick up Dianne,  then pick up John in Toledo and then read with them tonight during Madhouse Poetry at The Ugly Mug in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Looking forward to it!  I also had a poetry reading Tuesday in downtown Elyria (and uploaded pics on Facebook – something I haven’t done for any of my readings since December when my last FB page disappeared along with thousands of photos it had probably taken me hours to upload). Maybe now that I’ve broken the ice I’ll start uploading more again (though I expect my current FB page to disappear eventually, too). Then tomorrow I’ve accepted the uncomfortable role of being a judge during Writing Knights Press’ Grand Tournament at the Breakneck Gallery in Lakewood.

This morning at Crisis Chronicles Press – photo by JC, chap cover photo by Smith