What a past several days! I spent large portions of two days getting adware/malware off my computer. I saw beauty, ugliness, attended a poetry event and learned my webcam was broken. I finished assembling Ryn Cricket‘s chapbooks and published a new one by Sandy Sue Benitez.  I read six-month old press submissions, cleaned house more than once and the electrician spent several hours for the second weekend in a row failing to diagnose and fix our faulty lighting and outlet issues in the kitchen and bathroom.  My brother was in and out of the hospital twice with kidney stones.  I ran out of paper and ink. Our bank account overdrew.  I read two recent NightBallet chapbooks, got diarrhea, received some promising CDs in the mail from Bill Shute and applied for several more jobs.  This morning I discovered that two of my Morris aunts (one I’d never met and one I’ve loved dearly) died recently – and no one had told me (I stumbled upon the information online). Then this afternoon in my yard I found a package in my yard from Christina Brooks with a new webcam and accessories (merci beaucoup!) and received confirmation from the IRS that Geri’s and my multi-year federal tax debt is finally paid off.  Now I’m beat, turning off the computer and going into the living room to watch Jeopardy!