From Monday night thru Wednesday night, our phone, cable TV and internet were out here at Crisis Chronicles Press in Cleveland, thanks to the collateral damage caused by hurricane Sandy.  Then today, our power went out for most of the morning and afternoon.  Fortunately we’re among the lucky ones. The local travails were scary enough. I can’t imagine what it is like for folk in far worse straits, like my great-aunt Macel in Wilmington, Delaware, from whom we’ve not heard anything since the storm struck — or my dad, step-mom and other family in the vicinity of my hometown Richwood, West Virginia, who received an estimated five to six feet of snow thanks to the storm and remain without power, heat and running water for the near future. For more about the situation in Dad’s county, check out this article in today’s Register-Herald:

Meanwhile, here’s a photo of Dad plowing the “holler” road to his home on Tuesday morning, when we were still in touch by phone/text and they’d only had two feet of snow.  I hope everyone I love is okay.

photo by Linda Burroughs