My poem “Way Erred Scenes inside a Jazz Mine” appears in the new issue of The City, Learning to Swim: Fall Issue Year Zero.  Dig this fab zine, edited by the incomparable Lady, at  Here’s a screen shot snip, just to give you taste:

The City is notable for many reasons. Here’s just one: in 2008, they were the first zine that published my work in the 21st century, after I’d gone about 10 years without either writing poetry or having it published. In a way, you could say they helped [re]create a monster.  I promise there’s nothing to fear, though, because I’m mostly a benevolent monster.

I should also mention that “Way Erred Scenes” originally appeared in the 2010 anthology What I Knew Before I Knew [Pudding House Publications]. It will also be in my 2013 Poet’s Haven chapbook It Takes More than Chance to Make Change.  I’m happy to see three totally different editors/publishers find enough value in the piece to want to publish it.  I like the poem a lot, but I know I’m not the most objective observer. Plus, I need positive reinforcement sometimes.