Why 3 and a Half?  This is our third Snoetry festival in four years, so we split the difference.

The first Snoetry: A Winter Wordfest was held in January 2010 at the Last Wordsmith Book Shoppe in North East, Pennsylvania.  It was a 12 hour Lix and Kix production featuring poets from several states and a sprinkling of musicians.  Dianne Borsenik and I emceed, with a whole lot of support from bookstore proprietor Megan Collins.

Snoetry 2: A World Record Winter Wordfest, held at Jim’s Coffeehouse and Diner in Elyria, Ohio, ran for 150 hours, aiming to set a record for the longest poetry reading on record.  We thought we succeeded, only to learn after the fact that a 1970s reading in the San Francisco Bay area allegedly lasted a day or so longer. Dianne and I emceed again, with a whole lot of support from a whole lot of people, including the shop staff and a handful of guest emcees.

For Snoetry 3 and a Half, Lix and Kix are teaming up with the International Fellowship of Poets and Spoken Word Artists at Poets’ Hall in Erie, Pennsylvania.  Hall proprietor (and dynamic poet) Cee Williams has been most generous with his time, venue and energy. He’s doing most of the scheduling and will be our official Master of Ceremonies.  The event will begin with a two hour opening blast on Friday night (January 25th) from 7 to 9, then continue Saturday (January 26th) from noon to as late as it goes. 

Here’s the schedule as it stands so far — subject to change — compiled by Cee. We started out with 15 minute slots. But in order to accomodate everyone who wants to feature, we may need to cut most or all to 10 minute slots.  Though the schedule remains in flux, this tentative framework will give you a rough idea of who’s reading when so far.  It looks full, but you CAN still be added to the schedule.  Just email Cee Williams as soon as you can at cee.poetshall@gmail.com.

Friday Jan 25

7-9 Pm Opening Ceremonies

open mic and featured poet Chell Levie


Saturday Jan 26

12 PM Doors Open

12:20 Opening Poem by John Burroughs music by Jay Bones

12:30 Heather Ann Schmidt

12:45 Helen Shepard

  1:00 Berwyn Moore

  1:15 Darryll Brown

  1:30 Richie C

  1:45 Elliot Smith

  2:00 Linda Pullium

  2:15 Kathy Smith

  2:25 Steven Smith

  2:35 Wendy Shaffer

  2:45 Mark Hersman

  3:00 Thasia Anne

  3:15 Taylor Grieshober

  3:30 Heidi Blakeslee

  3:45 Lix and Kix (John Burroughs & Dianne Borsenik)

  4:00 Zach Fishel

  4:10 Catherine Criswell

  4:20 Intermission music by Jay Bones and JC Nickles

  4:35 Daniel Shapiro

  4:45 Shelley Chernin, Ursula Willlams and Chandra Alderman

  5:15 Open Mic

  5:30 John Swain

  5:45 Lynn Alexander

  6:00 Nikki Allen

  6:15 kim Noyes

  6:30 Peachez

  6:40 Marisa Moks Unger

  6:50 Veronica Hopkins

  7:00 Jason Baldinger

  7:15 Jerome Crooks

  7:30 Chuck Joy

  7:45 Intermission Music by JC Nickles

  8:00 Ron Hayes

  8:15 Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke

  8:30 Michael Bennett

  8:45 Tracie Morrell

  9:00 Monica Igras

  9:10 Nick Pitlosh


  9:30 Greg Brown

  9:40 Dawn Shimp

  9:50 Latonya Gamble

10:00 Kat Wolper

10:10 Chell LeVie

10:20 Lix and Kix

10:30 Whodat Peez aka Jersey P

10:45 Intermission Music By Dan Head

11:00 PoetJoe Gallagher

11:10 Ellis Crockett

11:20 Luke Koozmeesh

11:30 Cee Williams performs the epic Poem “I AM LESBIAN”

11:40 Closing Ceremonies Featuring Lix and Kix w/ music by Dan Head

[Schedule last updated 1/25/2013]