At 2:30 today Dianne Borsenik will arrive at the offices of Crisis Chronicles Press and we will depart for Erie, Pennsylvania, and the third ever Snoetry winter wordfest.  I tried to get grocery shopping and everything Mom and Geri needed done done yesterday so today was free and clear. So far this morning, I’ve taken out the dogs, washed dishes, cleaned house, charged my cameras and begun writing a new poem, an invocation (tentatively titled “In Vocation”) to read tomorrow at noon when the main portion of Snoetry begins (opening ceremonies are tonight).  Fortunately, the weather people are only predicting 1 to 4 inches of snow east of Cleveland today, and three of our grandkids will be here to help Geri (who with her injured knee can’t go up and down the stairs to let the dogs out) – and a kind donor has made it possible for me to afford gas – so it seems all systems are go for my attendance. It was iffy for a while there, but….  Again I’d like to thank Poets’ Hall proprietor Cee Williams for his immense efforts in making this happen.  Dianne and I both would’ve probably passed on doing a Snoetry fest this year if not for his generosity, drive and hard work.  I’d also like to thank the rest of the Poets’ Hall community for their help and the Erie County Poet Laureate Initiative for their sponsorship of this year’s event.

Looking out the window now, the snow looks a bit prohibitive.  But I’m hoping most of that will be behind us in two and a half hours when we depart. Fingers (and other extremities) crossed….

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