With my wife Geri pretty much off work since before Christmas, I’ve had to pick up the slack as far as paying the bills.  Fortunately, the press had probably its best month ever financially (between a donation or two and the sales) and actually made money for once. It helped that I had a stockpile of paper, cardstock and ink (which is now running low).  Between the press (whose primary objective was never to make money) and some other random work, I was able to pay the rest of the rent Geri’s last check didn’t cover, pay for a bunch of prescriptions and doctor’s visit co-pays, buy some food, pay the past due amount on our internet/phone bill last week right before they were to be turned off and pay our car insurance right before it was to be cancelled.  Fortunately, Geri’s cortizone shot is helping a little (though she still has trouble walking), she’s been able to go back to work without surgery (though surgery is probably inevitable) and she’ll get a partial paycheck Friday (which is already spent).  Before then, I need to come up with a way to pay our gas bill, which is due to be shut off the 21st (the day before her payday) and buy dog food.  Even if I could borrow the money, we probably couldn’t pay it back for at least a month.  And I don’t want something for nothing.  So I’m gonna continue working relentlessly and optimistically, while looking for other, more reliable ways to make money. I’m willing to do anything I can physically do — shovel snow or shit, wash dishes, write, edit, promote, run errands, flip burgers, unload trucks, leap giant buildings in a single bound (don’t I wish?), or give you (for a suggested donation of at least $200) a lifetime subscription to Crisis Chronicles Press. With it, you’ll receive a copy of all of our current works in print (37 titles, which would cost you over $200 if you bought them individually), plus a copy of everything we publish from here on out. (I’m committed to publishing another 24 titles over the next 2 years, at the very least.)  It’s steal of a deal, valid at least for the rest of this week.

By the way, I have a stack of packages here waiting to be mailed. If you’re awaiting a book or four from me, it or they will be en route to you ASAP.  Thanks for your immense patience and support. After this month, things should be a whole lot better.


UPDATE (2/19/2013): Thanks to a couple of very kind friends (who are also lovers of the press), we have what we need to get through this rough spot. Geri and I are most grateful.  Hopefully karma will repay you one hundredfold for being such beautiful people.