Many thanks to the Slow Train Cafe and Meeko Israel for hosting me last night — and to all the friends and poets who came out and helped make this a most enjoyable event.  Here’s a webcam recording I made of my part of the evening.  I’ll post clips from the open mic that came before me soon.

Video permalink:
This clip features me reading 10 of my own poems and one by Kevin Reid from his new Crisis Chronicles Press chapbook Body Voices.

1. John Cage Engaged and Uncaged
2. Penis [by Kevin Reid]
3. Top Less
4. Note to Self While Writing
5. Horror Scope
6. Bloodshot
7. You Shit
8. From Here to Inequity
9. Diarrhea of a Mad Mind
10. Bier
11. Lens

[Early versions of poems 1 & 6 appear in my self-published 2008 chapbook Bloggerel.  Poems 3, 4 & 5 will appear in my 2013 Poet’s Haven chapbook It Takes More than Chance to Make Change.  Poem 10 appears in my 2012 chapbook Water Works (Recycled Karma Press). Poems 7, 8, 9 & 11 are from my 2012 book The Eater of the Absurd (NightBallet Press).]