About a month ago, I made a decision to try to post at least a short new blog entry every day.  That resolution went out the window when Mom got so sick.  First things first, you know?  She’s been hospitalized since 12 March and I’ve been with her (or running about trying to take care of her affairs) as much as I’m able. So if you’re wondering why I’ve not responded to your email or submission or made progress with your book or posted that video or those pictures or whatever, now you know.  The few non Mom-related tasks I’ve been able to complete are mostly the quick, easy and mostly mindless ones.   She seems to be making slow, steady progress now.  Hopefully she’ll get to come out of ICU in the next couple of days.  I appreciate your patience, kind thoughts, good wishes and love.  Thank goodness for the doctors and nurses who’ve given her such excellent care so far!

In other news, my new chapbook, It Takes More than Chance to Make Change, will be published on June 21st by The Poets Haven and is now available for pre-order.  6 bucks, free shipping, no slipping.  Wrap around cover art courtesy of Steven Smith.

Get it here: http://boutique.poetshaven.com/index.php?route=product%2Fproduct&product_id=94