Mom – 12/27/2006

Tonight I’m excited about being one of three guest poets at the second annual Poesies open poetry slam at Jitters Coffee House in Millersburg, Ohio.  (I’m just sharing, not competing.) The last time I remember going to Millersburg, I was a teen in the early 80s with Dad and my step mom or on a church trip, visiting Amish country. What a trip it’s been since.

Even better than that, today is my mom’s 65th birthday.  There is no one I love more — and considering we nearly lost her last month, this birthday is even more special than ever.  She’s still in the hospital, but doing much better, and I’m very happy about that.  We’ll be spending much of the first part of the day with her in Elyria before we head south to Millersburg.

Happy birthday, Mom!

Mom – 5/29/2011