Mom’s been in the hospital since March 12th and I’ve been devoting as much time to visiting her and taking care of her affairs as I can.  As a result, my Crisis Chronicles Press work has had to take a back seat for the past couple of months.

Part of my 2013 plan was to publish two chapbooks a month and add something new to the cyber litmag every day.  But March and April’s chapbooks haven’t gotten done yet and I’m averaging about a post every three days in the litmag.  I’m also months behind in reading and responding to submissions.

I’m hoping Mom continues to improve and I can get back to work, at least on a part time basis, soon.  I’m optimstic that we can get at least two chapbooks published in May and not fall further behind.  In the meantime, I’m putting first things first and I remain grateful for your immense patience and support.