The first email address I had was (or was it .com?), set up in June 2004 when I first came home from prison and was living in Mom’s basement.  Then I set up to use for more “professional” matters.  Mom had just bought me a new computer as my coming home present, so I created an email account for her too (, to help wean her off of WebTV.

A few years later, Time Warner replaced Comcast in our area (Elyria, Ohio) and our email addresses were changed from to, but we kept them until this week when I turned off Mom’s cable TV, phone and internet service.  Most of my blog readers didn’t know those addresses anyway, as lately I’ve only used them for bills, coupons and political stuff.  Mom used hers for everything.  

Anyway, they’re gone now.  Every day seems to bring a new series of goodbyes.

Now I have this song in my head.

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