I feel like an ass, being so behind on my Crisis Chronicles Press work.  I was still behind in February when we published our last two chapbooks — and now I’ve added three and a half months to my behindedness.  Now begins the big dig out. 

Kindle editions

In the past few days I’ve reissued a couple of last year’s titles (White Vases by John Swain and Angel by Sandy Sue Benitez) in Kindle editions for the first time.  I plan to Kindlize four more titles (one in an expanded, newly illustrated edition) in the very near future.  Hopefully, eventually we’ll make all our past and future titles available in e-books as well as in print.


Unread submissions

I have an email folder full of submissions I haven’t read or responded to, some from as far back as September 2012.  Chapbook and cyber litmag submissions are all mixed together.  Unless you’re one of the people I’ve already talked to about publication, I’ll probably have to reject your chapbook manuscript no matter how good it is in the interest of catching up.  As for cyber litmag submissions, I hope to have chosen poems for online publication and responded to all submitters by the end of June.  We will continue to accept litmag submissions (send one to five poems to jc@crisischronicles.com), but we’ll remain closed to chapbook submissions until at least 2014.

Books in the queue

All of that aside, we already have over thirty excellent chapbooks in our Crisis Chronicles Press publication queue.  My 2013 plan had been to put out two a month, but I didn’t do that in March, April or May as I spent more and more time with my ailing mom.  Now I figure that if I finish and release four in June, four in July and four in August (improbable, maybe, but not outside the realm of possibility), I’ll be back on schedule.  Three of the books in our queue are from the cream of our September 2011 submission contest crop.  One was submitted as far back as December 2010.  I accepted the rest in 2012-13.  All of these authors have been very kind and shown immense patience, for which I am very grateful.  I’m convinced you’re gonna love their books when they’re finally available.

So that’s where we are.  Since I’m writing this before I’ve finished my morning tea, I won’t be surprised to find I’ve forgotten something (or several somethings).  Bear with me as I work my ass off to do a great bunch of longsuffering writers the justice they deserve.  And buy their books as they come out!

Now pardon me as I get my behind back to work.

Peace, love and all of the above,