Many thanks to the incomparable Willow Rose for her kind review of my book The Eater of the Absurd.  Here’s part of it:

“John Burroughs, founding editor of Crisis Chronicles Press and featured poet in numerous journals and anthologies, has finally published the long-awaited, first full-length collection of his brilliant and visceral verse in The Eater of the Absurd.

It was worth the wait.

I read and re-read each word; aware of the absence of patterns and familiar conceits; aware of the dilettante I was; aware of entering a strange, new land and how its discovery would change my perceptions forever.

Just as the music that moves us most stays with us when it is not being played, John’s poetry has a habit of coming back unbidden, months after seeing the printed page. There is an undeniable energy that is scalpel-sharp as it eviscerates dull acceptance and platitudes like the scales of a fish until only the thin, translucent bones of the skeleton remain, gleaming with the light that shines from things exposed–finally able to count for something.

John Burroughs does not shy from that scalpel as he strips away the truth-deflecting scales of institutions, emotions, belief systems, and, most of all, himself….”

Read the rest of Willow’s review here:

The Eater of the Absurd was published on 12/12/2012 by NightBallet Press.  Cover photo & design by editor Dianne Borsenik.  It is available from Amazon, from me and directly from the publisher.