[UPDATE: Right after I posted the following blog entry I was able to confirm that I will be accompanied tonight by my friend JJ Haaz, a fabulous 10-string guitarist who lives here in Cleveland.  Our performances together in 2009 at Lix and Kix and the Morgan Conservatory were some of my favorite gigs ever.  Tonight will be our first time on stage together since the first Snoetry fest in January 2010.  I was already excited about tonight’s show.  Now I’m doubly excited.]

It’s a literary triple header tonight at Mahall’s in Lakewood!  Usually the monthly Mondays at Mahall’s series has one featured author followed by a lively open mic — and it’s always a fine time.  But this month you’re in for even more.  First, there will be a featured poetry performance by me, John Burroughs.  I’ll read from my new chapbook, It Takes More Than Chance to Make Change, and much more.  Then the acclaimed Great Lakes Review will celebrate the launch of their second issue with readings by several contributors, including Roger Craik, Shelley Chernin, Ray McNiece, Catherine Criswell, Michael Salinger, and Nicole Hennessey.  Finally, according to host Catherine, “the Fishbowl poets, 13 apprentice poets from Artworks sponsored by Young Audiences and led by their teacher Ray McNiece, will perform original poems to kick off the open mic!” The festivities begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. on the main stage at Mahall’s 20 Lanes, 13200 Madison Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio.  Hope to see you there!

Cover collage/foto by Steven Smith, text added by The Poet’s Haven