On April 27th, Mom’s 65th (and last) birthday, I spent the early part of the day with her in the hospital.  Even though she’d been there for nearly three months, we were optimistic she’d come home this summer after some rehab.  We certainly never imagined that she’d be dead in eight days.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have driven to Millersburg that night to be a featured guest poet at the 2nd annual Poesies.  Though I’d been spending most every day with her, I was still reluctant to go since it was her birthday.  But I hate breaking commitments, it was a rare paid gig, other family would be visiting Mom that evening and, anyway, she encouraged me to go, have fun and pick her up a custard pie while I was in Amish country. 

That day came rushing back to me when I noticed this morning that Jill Sisson has posted video of the 2nd annual Poesies on Vimeo.  Check it out here.  You’ll see me reading “Lens” (from The Eater of the Absurd) at the 21:15 mark.  All things considered, despite the outer context, I had a good time that night, though I wasn’t in the mood for too much fun and my performance (which was not as sharp as I would’ve liked) and my poem selection reflected that.

Poesies was hosted by Denice Rovira Hazlett and John Lorson at Jitters Coffee House.  T.M. Gottl was the evening’s other featured guest poet, and judge Jeff Gundy also read.  Then there was the poetry slam competition, where the winners were Jennifer McCluggage (3rd Place), Dianne Borsenik (2nd) and Raymond Buckland (1st).