Last night I had the pleasure and privilege of performing at the Cleveland Public Theatre’s Pandemonium 2013: Shine.  What fun!  I called my 15 minute set God Awful Poetry: Lamb Pooning the Aw, Mighty.  I performed from the Prism Perch, essentially through a front window of what used to be the parish hall of a church.  A speaker beneath the window amplified me to the milling crowd and bathtub of beer below while many other performances occured simultaneously in the vicinity.  Fellow poets RA Washington and Christine Howey read from the Prism Perch before me.

Here’s a clip of me singing a fragment of “Judas’ Lament” (a song I wrote with Bill Hamann for the 2001 Easter musical In Remembrance) and reciting my poem “John Cage Engaged and Uncaged” (from the 2008 chapbook Bloggerel) during my set.  Thanks to Dianne Borsenik for recording it.

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