Photo albums I recently uploaded to Facebook:

9/14 — Geri’s birthday in Little Italy
9/20-21 — Guide to Kulchur 24-hour Zine-a-Thon
9/27 — Rustbelt Exchange reading in Pittsburgh
9/28 — 100 Thousand Poets for Change at Visible Voice

New publications my poems appear in:

“Buck, Cyst, Um” and “Birther” in Art Tract #1 by the Society for the Dissemination of Art (   Joanne Meincke, editor.  Also features work by Joanne, Smith, Lady, themelissa, and Sean Burns.  Read Smith’s blog about it here.  Follow SDA on Facebook.  Contact me to get a free copy.

“Unfinished” in Lipsmack! A Sampler Platter of Poets from NBP Year Two 2013 by NightBallet Press.  Dianne Borsenik, editor.  Also features work by Joey Nicoletti, Andrew Rihn, Erren Geraud Kelly, Steven B. Smith, Zachary Fishel, J. E. Stanley, Jean Brandt, Kevin Eberhardt, Christopher Franke, Chansonette Buck, William Merricle, Alex Gildzen, Margie Shaheed, John Dorsey, Laraine Seidl, George Wallace, Steve Brightman, Mike Finley, Jack McGuane, and Lyn Lifshin.  Available for $5 here.

“Disciples” and “Pa Tricked” in the Cleveland Salon 2013 anthology While You Were Sleeping I Dreamt a Poem by Kattywompus Press.  Sammy Greenspan, editor.  Also features work by Dianne Borsenik, Shelley Chernin, Dan Smith, Sammy Greenspan, Kathleen Cerveny, Meredith Holmes, Christine Howey, Clarissa Jakobsons, Linda Goodman Robiner, Catherine Criswell, Barbara Sabol, Rose M. Smith and Linda Tuthill.  The book will be released during a special reading/launch on Tuesday 1 October 2013 at the Coventry Village Library, 1925 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Brand new books from Crisis Chronicles Press:

Grand Slam (CC#37) by Alan Kleiman
Rain and Gravestones (CC#45) by John Swain
Click titles for more info. Many more coming soon!