My rarest chapbook is in print again!  Spare Change Press published my Barry Merry Baloney as part of its Ten Leaves Poetry Series on 1 December 2012.  Only 30 copies were made.  The publisher kept and did God knows what with 5 of them and sent the other 25 to me.  I sold and/or gave away 24 of them pretty quickly, then priced my last copy at $20 on Amazon hoping to keep it but willing to let it go to someone who valued it enough.  Meanwhile, with the publisher’s permission, I created a Kindle edition on 27 February 2013, mainly because I wanted to figure out how to make my Crisis Chronicles Press books available in e-format, but also because Kindle allowed me to do a 5-day giveaway of the chapbook via Amazon to get it into more peoples hands (and sometimes I like peoples’ hands on my work).  Finally, this month, almost exactly a year after it was originally published, someone dropped the big bucks and bought my last hard copy of Barry Merry Baloney.  And it was even harder for me to let go than I thought it would be.  So before I dropped it in the mail, I used my new printer to make 50 photocopies of the chapbook.  I’ve already placed a couple of these at Mac’s Backs in Cleveland Heights and will place more at Guide to Kulchur and maybe Visible Voice in Cleveland.  I’m making the rest of this limited photocopy edition available to you here.  To get a copy, send $5 to John Burroughs, 3344 W. 105th Street #4, Cleveland, Ohio 44111, or use this handy PayPal button:

Speaking of Mac’s Backs — I read there during Writing Knights Press’ 2nd annual Apocalypse show on 28 December.  Click here to see my photos from the event.  And watch the whole damned thing below.  Since most of those present had never seen or heard me before, I decided to share several old favorites, including my “John Cage Engaged and Uncaged,” “Low Kay Shun” and “Identity Crisis.”  The video also includes featured performances by Skylark Bruce and Quartez Harris, plus host Azriel Johnson and a few open micers.  I’m the guy with the boot. My performance begins around the 35 minute mark.

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