In case you thought we did this for profit, here’s the most recent page from one of the notebooks I use to keep track of every dollar Crisis Chronicles Press spends and receives. 

2013 receipts include sales not only of Crisis Chronicles titles (on Amazon, through PayPal and at events) but also donations, personal sales of my own chapbooks published by other presses and the online sale of various other books given to me or picked up cheap on clearance at Half Price Books and library book sales.

Expenditures consist primarily of printer ink, paper materials, postage, website costs and, upon occasion, gasoline to make it to an out of town book event.  Ink and postage are two big ones, though.  Though my time and labor are uncompensated monetarily (of course), the work remains immensely rewarding.  This is a labor of love.

2013 expenditures: $7943.21 (average 669.93 a month)
minus 2013 receipts: $7650.40 (637.53 per month)
equals a yearly cost of $292.81.