… insh’Allah.  It’s already the 14th and we only have one done so far, but never fear. We have several others right on the cusp.  Maybe we won’t get six done. But I know that the higher I aim, the more I’ll get done.  Another reason I’m trying to get a bunch done at once: several of these titles are time sensitive. For example, I need to get Songs in the Key of Cleveland (poems from last year’s best Cleveland poem contest sponsored by Tim Misny) done before the new year’s contest is announced (which could be any day now).  I need to get D.R. Wagner’s The Night Market done because he has a new book coming out with John Dorsey in the spring and both books deserve their own time in the sun without competing.  I need to get Oct Tongue done because some of Mary Weems’ poems from it will be in her new book in the spring and I want to publish them first.  Some other titles need to be done in time for their authors’ upcoming readings.  Fortunately much of the legwork, editing, cover art selection et cetera has already been done for many of these books. So getting six done in January is not a total pipe dream.  These are some fanatstic books and I’m proud to have the opportunity to midwife them into print without further ado.

Here’s how many titles we’ve published in previous years:

2008: one
2009: five
2010: one
2011: ten
2012: eighteen
2013: fourteen
2014: one (so far)

Forthcoming: I have twenty-seven books in hand and would like to have all of them done this year.  By doing at least five in January, I will put myself in the position to do two a month for the rest of the year and totally catch up.  Well… not totally, because in addition to the twenty-seven books in hand there are ten other authors I’ve committed to printing, though I may not have their manuscripts yet or may only have stacks of poems that I need to create their manuscripts from.  So it’s gonna be an exciting year (or two).  Hold on to your toupées!  A full, albeit tentative, schedule is coming soon.