THE NIGHT MARKET by D.R. Wagner – illustrated by ReBecca Gozion

Bear in mind that much of the following schedule is indeed tentative, as I like to remain organic and flexible.  Some books may take longer than anticipated to produce. And life is never entirely predictable.  But I think we have a reasonable and fairly reliable guideline here.  I am very excited about each and every one of these publications.   I predict you’re gonna love them as much as I do.



YES, but…. by Martin Burke (Belgium)
Sunshine Liar by Ryan Swofford (Oregon)
In Bold Blackness: Selections by Jami Tillis (Chicago)


Cut Me Free by Ben Heins (New Jersey)
Songs in the Key of Cleveland: An Anthology of the 2013 Best Cleveland Poem Competition
The Night Market
by D.R. Wagner (California)

Bookmobile by David S. Pointer (Tennessee)


Oct Tongue -1 by Mary Weems, John Swain, Lady K Smith, John Burroughs, Steve Brightman, Shelley Chernin and Steven Smith
Balefire by Susan A. Sheppard (West Virginia)
Poem’s for Explosion by John G. Hall (United Kingdom)


On the Outside by Catherine Criswell (Ohio)
The Road Unravelled to the Lakes by Wendy Webb (United Kingdom)
When You Don’t Know Who You Are by Alinda Dickinson Wasner (Michigan)


City of Tents by Martin Willitts, Jr. (New York)
Contents under Pressure by Kevin Ridgeway (California)


god save your mad parade by Austen Roye (Texas)
The Leavings by Natalie Easton (Connecticut)


Special Watch by Richard M. O’Donnell (Ohio)
Of Friends & Liars & Intelligent Crows by Carolyn Srygley-Moore (New York)


Ship of Theseus by Christopher Willard (Canada)
Matilda’s Battle Waltz by Tracie Morrell (Pennsylvania)

September through December and maybe into 2015:

[the following are in no particular order yet]
Fractured Fairy Tales by William Merricle (Ohio)
Field Notes by Heather Ann Schmidt (Michigan)
We by Michelle Williams (Ohio)
Inquiry into Loneliness by Meg Harris (Massachusetts)

Works (with yet-to-be-determined titles) by Steven B. Smith, Helen Shepard, Christian O’Keeffe, Dianne Borsenik and Christopher Franke (all from Ohio).

And we may have a few other surprises thrown in through the course of the year as well.


Soon we will reissue Mary C. O’Malley’s 2013 chapbook 
Howl for My Family in April in a revised/enhanced edition.  And sometime this year we will make several more of our titles – like Justin Hamm’s The Everyday Parade / Alone With Turntable, Old Records – available in an e-format via Kindle.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Most grateful for your support,
John Burroughs