I’ve learned that the guy who hit my car on I-490 is trying to say I swerved to the left and cut in front of him.  Fortunately, I’m fairly certain there is a witness who saw that I was firmly established in my lane when his truck struck me (I saw police approach and talk to a vehicle that was on the shoulder behind me).  I did not swerve.  I intended to get off at the Broadway exit that was coming up on the right to pick up Geri from work. The dog didn’t run out in front of me; it ran out in front of the SUV that slammed on its brakes in front of me.  I slammed on mine and was lucky I was able to come to a stop and avoid hitting the SUV.  There was no room in the 4pm traffic for me to go right OR left.  Only then did I notice the dog running out from in front of the vehicle in front of me, whereupon the truck hit my rear end, I went into a short spin and the vehicle in front of me drove off unscathed.  If anything, the truck driver swerved slightly to the left while slamming on HIS brakes.

Here’s the police report: http://clevelandoh.policereports.us/viewreportpdfrawv.html?sid=s4js65tj114gdevpc4qeq92q65&rid=0&f=report.pdf