2.0 & Its Origins

John Burroughs created his first blog in 2005 on a site called Xanga, but did little with it.  Later he joined MySpace and posted a few blog entries intended just to share information with a core group of friends and family.  In early 2007, MySpace deleted his main profile and the fledgling blog that accompanied it.  But his secondary MySpace profile (set up as a band page, originally intended just to share his music) survived, and he tentatively began rebuilding there under the nom de blog Jesus Crisis.  He began to share more regularly on more topics, interact with other bloggers, and by the end of 2007, John Burroughs’ Tao of Jesus Crisis blog had been ranked number one at MySpace in several categories (including “Religion and Philosophy, “News and Politics,” “Art and Photography” and “Miscellaneous”).  Still he worried that MySpace would eventually delete this blog as it had his first.  When he learned that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation owned MySpace, he made up his mind to leave for good.

So he moved his primary social media presence to Facebook and after Christmas 2007 created a new website at crisischronicles.com to continue his blogging.  He migrated some of (what he considered at the time) his best mySpace content to the new site and began adding to it.  This new non-MySpace blog, became the original Tao of Jesus Crisis v. 2.0.  It was hosted by GoDaddy, which he chose because he thought going with a paid host would make it far less likely that his blog would be deleted again.  To hedge his bets, he also migrated his content to Yahoo 360.  In July 2009, Yahoo discontinued 360.

Fast forward to the spring of 2014.  That’s when John learned that GoDaddy planned to discontinue it’s Quick Blogcast service in June, sending him scrambling to find a new home for the Tao of Jesus Crisis, as well as his Crisis Chronicles Press blog and blog-based Crisis Chronicles Cyber Litmag.  Meanwhile, Xanga was no longer a free site and MySpace (now under new ownership) had eliminated all blogs, so going back to either of those was not an option.  John made up his mind that he would blog for free or not at all, so…  [Editor’s note: There’s more to the latest migration story that I hope to add at some point.]

Now the archive for The Tao of Jesus Crisis v. 2.0 is here at taoofjesuscrisis.wordpress.com.  And beginning in late May 2014 all of John Burroughs’ new personal blogging will be done at The Tao of Jesus Crisis v. 3.0, located at jesuscrisis.blogspot.com.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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